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Market concentration & Major Canadian importers

Market concentration
Number of importers Value of imports ($CDN) Cumulative % of imports
3 15,974,360 52.97%
6 21,536,115 71.41%
9 24,097,480 79.90%
All 30,158,335 100.00%

Major Canadian importers Footnote 2 in 2016
Company name (alphabetical order) City Province Postal code Footnote 3
7992009 CANADA INC. Laval Quebec H7G 4X7
ALL GOLD IMPORTS INC. Markham Ontario L3R 0J2
FRITO LAY CANADA Mississauga Ontario L5B 1M5
FRONTIER FRESH INC Toronto Ontario M3C 2Z5
SUNBLEST COMMODITIES INC. Vancouver British Columbia V5X 4N6
SUNCO FOODS INC. Burnaby British Columbia V5J 0E3
TROPICAL LINK CANADA LTD. Surrey British Columbia V4N 5W2
VAN AMERONGEN & SON INC. Simcoe Ontario N3Y 4K2
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